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  MIL-C-6819C Canceled 8305 Cloth, Laminated, and Tape, Coated Cloth, Natural Rubber on Cotton, Pneumatic Flotation Equipment
  MIL-C-6820D Canceled 8305 Cloth, Cotton, Inflatable Equipment
  MIL-C-6822(1) Canceled MISC Clamp, Mounting, 2-Inch Size Instrument, Installation of (S/S by MIL-C-6390)
  MIL-A-6824A Canceled 1005 Adapter, Ammunition Chute, Box End, 20 MM. Type L-4
  MIL-A-6825A Canceled 1005 Adapter, Ammunition Chute, Gun End, 20MM, Type L-3
  MIL-C-6826 Canceled 1005 Chute, Ammunition, Flexible Feed, 20MM (Supersedes 24538)
  MIL-I-6829 NOT 1 Canceled 1398 Installation, Bomb Hoisting Equipment (No S/S Document)
  MIL-B-6830 Canceled 1005 Booster, Ammunition, Electric, 20MM M24 Gun, Type B-8
 This document has images available. MIL-S-6831 NOT 1 Canceled 4925 SLING, BOMB HOIST, TYPE A-4 (CAPACITY 500-POUND BOMB CLUSTER) (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
 This document has images available. MIL-D-6832E NOT 1 Canceled 1730 Dolly, Bomb Hoist, Type H-1 (No S/S Document)
  MIL-T-6835A Canceled 1730 TRUCK LIFT WHEEL, TYPE E-1
 This document has images available. MIL-F-6836A NOT 4 Inactive 6620 Flange, Mounting, Attachable, Aircraft Instrument (ASG)
 This document has images available. MIL-P-6837A NOT 1 Canceled 6615 PILOT, AUTOMATIC TYPE P-1 (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
 This document has images available. MIL-R-6838A NOT 1 Canceled 6615 RELAY, CAGING (P-1 AUTOMATIC PILOT) (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
 This document has images available. MIL-DTL-6839E Inactive 6610 Indicator, Position, Landing Gear
 This document has images available. MIL-N-6840A NOT 1 Canceled 9535 NICKEL CHROMIUM IRON ALLOY PLATE SHEET & STRIP (S/S BY ASTM-B168)
 This document has images available. MIL-T-6841D NOT 1 Canceled 9320 TAPE AND SHEET, ADHESIVE, RUBBER AND CORK COMPOSITION (S/S BY SAE-AMS-T-6841)
 This document has images available. MIL-E-6843C NOT 1 Canceled 3439 Electrodes, Welding Covered, Low-Alloy Steel (Primarily for Aircraft and Weapon Applications) (S/S by AWS-A5.5)
  MIL-E-6844 Canceled 3432 Electrodes, Welding, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant Alloys (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-T-6845D NOT 4 Canceled 4710 TUBING, STEEL, CORROSION-RESISTANT (S30400), AEROSPACE VEHICLE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 1/8 HARD CONDITION (S/S BY SAE-AMS-T-6845)
  MIL-A-6848 Canceled 6610 Accelerometer, Aircraft
  MIL-I-6850 NOT 1 Canceled 8305 Webbing, Heat-Resisting (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-S-6852B NOT 2 Active 5940 Splice, Conductor, Electric, Disconnect
 This document has images available. MIL-T-6853(1) NOT 2 Canceled 5821 TRANSMITTING SET, RADIO AN/ART-28 (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
  MIL-C-6854A NOT 1 Canceled 6605 Computer, Air Navigation, Cruise Control
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6855F(1) Active 9320 Rubber, Synthetic, Sheets, Strips, Molded or Extruded Shapes, General Specification for
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6855/1A Active 9320 Rubber, Synthetic, Sheets
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6855/2A Active 5330 Rubber, Synthetic, Strip (or Tape)
 This document has images available. MIL-R-6855/3 NOT 2 Canceled 4720 RUBBER, SYNTHETIC, RODS (OR ROUNDS) (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6855/4A Active 4720 Rubber, Synthetic, Tubing
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6855/5A Active 4720 Rubber, Synthetic, Channel, Extruded
 This document has images available. MIL-R-6855/6 NOT 2 Canceled 4720 RUBBER, SYNTHETIC, SPECIAL SHAPE, EXTRUDED (NO S/S DOCUMENT)
 This document has images available. MIL-DTL-6856D NOT 1 Inactive 6685 Indicator, Pressure, Synchro, 1-1/2 Inch
 This document has images available. MIL-M-6857D NOT 2 Canceled MECA Magnesium Alloy Castings, Heat Treatment of (S/S by SAE-AMS2768)
 This document has images available. MIL-W-6858D(1) NOT 2 Canceled THJM WELDING, RESISTANCE: SPOT AND SEAM (S/S BY SAE-AMS-W-6858)
  MIL-P-6859 Canceled MFFP PLATING, NICKEL (S/S BY QQ-N-290)
  MIL-D-6861 Canceled MISC Design for Special Tools: For Aeronautical and Associated Equipment(S/S by MIL-D-8512 and MIL-D-8513)
 This document has images available. MIL-H-6862B NOT 1 Canceled 1730 Hoisting Unit, Bomb, Aircraft Mounting, Aero 13B (ASG) (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-A-6863D NOT 1 Canceled 6610 Altimeter, Pressure, 50,000 Feet, Type MB-1A (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-PRF-6864F Active 6850 Cleaning Compound, Solvent, Oil Cooler
  MIL-I-6865B NOT 1 Canceled 3432 Inspection, Radiographic (No S/S Document)
  MIL-I-6866B NOT 1 Canceled NDTI Inspection, Liquid Penetrant (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-M-6867C NOT 3 Canceled 6635 Magnetic Inspection Units (No S/S Document)
 This document has images available. MIL-I-6868E(3) NOT 1 Canceled NDTI Inspection Process, Magnetic Particle (S/S by MIL-STD-1949)
 This document has images available. MIL-I-6869D NOT 1 Canceled 8030 Impregnants for Aluminum Alloy and Magnesium Alloy Castings (S/S by MIL-I-17563)
  MIL-I-6870E NOT 2 Canceled NDTI Inspection Program Requirements, Nondestructive for Aircraft and Missile Materials and Parts (S/S by MIL-HDBK-6870)
  MIL-P-6871( 2) Canceled MFFP PLATING, CHROMIUM (S/S BY QQ-C-320)
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